The Résumé From the Recruiter’s Perspective

The Résumé comes last in your career planning!

Most people want to begin their career journey with updating or creating their résumé, but résumé development this is actually your last step.

First you have to decide what your next best career step will be and then you build a résumé… a story, focused on around that goal. Your résumé sets the intention and direction about where you are going, not where you’ve been.

With your career goal in mind, let’s begin the résumé writing process.

In this video I’m I’m going to show you how to write a résumé from a recruiter's perspective. Because recruiters review thousands of résumés annually, we know what works and what does not and sharing this knowledge with you will improve the response outcomes to your résumé.

My biggest hope for you in learning how to create an effective résumé, is that you develop a deep appreciation for your accomplishments and skills, helping you to RESUME a love for yourself and your work!

❤️ Résumé's summarize your skills, your trade in your chosen profession.

❤️ Résumé's give you an opportunity to review your accomplishments and realize their value

❤️ Résumé's define your career direction and and helps focus your intention and attention on what you want.

❤️Résumés express to your potential future employer how you can contribute to the success of their organization.

Don't get distracted by long debunked résumé myth's! See the worksheet below for more resume Do's & Don'ts!

Skills inventory is the foundation. The résumé is your story, the story that only you can tell. And just like any good storyteller knows, you have to adapt the story your audience. You wouldn’t tell the adult version of a story to a child.  This means, you will need to adapt your resume for every job you apply for. The job posting you’re reading is asking you “DO YOU HAVE THESE SKILLS?” you need to answer “YES I do and here they are” not “I love spaghetti and meatballs”

Here are the résumé templates I recommend.

#1. Early Career Résumé Template

Resume Love Workshop Template - Early Career .pdf

#2. Experienced Résumé Template

Resume Love Workshop Template - Experienced (1).pdf
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